All About Me - Maureen Rooney


Hi My Name is Maureen Rooney. I live on the beautiful West Coast of New Zealand in a small town called Greymouth. We live by a beautiful lush forest full of Native bush and  a 5 min walk to the stony beach to see stunning Sunsets.

My desire for photographer started back in school with a film camera and editing in the dark room. However back then, photography was not the career path I choose. Another career came along and then family. A little camera was never far away but I wanted to explore it further and  now is that time.

I feel I am only starting this wonderful journey exploring my creative side with photography so you will find my photos will change over time as this adventure unwraps.

I hope you enjoy my photos, release your imagination so you can see the potential story behind them or just enjoy the stunning scenery that is captured. I try not to edit much as I believe in capturing what is seen.

Enjoy, leave a comment and if you like please purchase.